Webroot.com/safe Activation Process

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Webroot.com/safe is recently at the No.1 position of antivirus protector. It provides fast cleaning and search of the virus. Webroot works as a cybersecurity system too. It protects your system from spyware and malware. Webroot is the only antivirus in the United States that provides ultimate security to your personal files as well as data. It finds the virus from files and cyber and finishes it by keeping another file safe and quarantine. Webroot is antivirus software that protects the system from various viruses and spyware. It has inbuilt password managing and backup facility. If the files are deleted it automatically backups the data. It is the fastest antivirus scanner than the other one.

Webroot.com/safe antivirus scanner


Webroot.com/safe product Keycode

It’s a 20 digit key code that allows you to activate your antivirus. You can only use it once at a time. After a single-use, it’s of no use. So keep it safe and protected. Without a keycode, you Cannot Install or open the software.

Where do we get the product keycode for Webroot safe?

  • If you buy it in a retail shop then you will get the product in the box with a CD for installation.
  • And if you want to buy it online you have to add your bank details and payment details and order it online.
  • When you order it online you get the code via the email address you have provided during registration.

Where to use the product keycode

You require the product keycode while Registration or creating an account. Enter the keycode when you were asked to. When you install the software it will ask you the product keycode there you have to enter this keycode.

Webroot product keycode


How to create an account on webroot.com/safe?

  • On your Pc’s browser search for www.webroot.com/safe registration and the signup page appears on your desktop.
  • On the right side of the login or signup button, there is a create an account option. Click on it.
  • Then the registration form will appear on your desktop.
  • The for will ask your Name, email address, password, and the security code and security question, so that it will be easy for you to create account at webrootremember.
  • Then enter the 6 digit key code that will be easy for you to remember.
  • After that enter the product key code and click on the ‘register now’ option.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation mail. Open your mail and click on the link for confirmation.
  • When you click on the link it will ask you to enter the first and last digit of your 6 digit security code for your account security purpose.
  • After entering the code click on confirm option.
    When you click on confirm option your account has been created successfully.

How to download the software webroot.com/safe?

  • On the PC’s browser search for webroot.com/safe download software. The download page will open.
  • There you will see an option of download now. Click on it.
  • The download process will begin immediately into the download box of your browser.

How to install the downloaded software?

  • Go into the PC’s browser and open the download folder.
  • Double click on the downloaded software and a tab will appear.
  • On that tab click on the Install option.
  • Now, you have to click on Agree and Install option. After that enter, the 20 digit key code, and the installation begins.
  • After the installation, the scanning starts immediately. The software starts scanning the files and folders present in your device. And the webroot Installation process is finished.

Webroot product keycode


How to buy webroot.com/safe software online?

  • When you install the software open my account option. There you will see the buy online option.
  • Then click on that option. You will see various monthly and yearly packages in it.
  • Select one package among them and add your payment details.
  • You will get an OTP and make a payment. After that, you will get the keycode via email and enter that keycode in the installed application or software.
  • The package will get activated.

Free trial of webroot software

  • Open the browser of your pc and enter webroot.com/safe free trial. The free trial page will appear.
  • It will show 14 days free trial option. Click on that option.
  • It will provide you a 20 digit keycode on the screen.
  • Enter the keycode and activate the free trial of 14 days.